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What's cooking

Beautifully plated, whole foods, that help tantalize your taste buds and stir your senses. Using clean whole food to gain health, lose weight, and entertain people is my passion. I love, love, love to entertain but my waistline doesn’t. I discovered that if I left out the junk food and stuck to whole plants and clean meats that I could lose weight and still enjoy the foods I love. All while entertaining like a boss.

That’s what Miko’s Morsels is all about. Great clean food that’s good for your health, detoxing to your body, and tasty enough to enjoy the rest of your life. 

“Tasty, vibrant, clean, and healthy food that's good for mind, body, and soul? Hell yeah!”

I totally admit, I'm not perfect and I have struggled in the past and in the present with junk food, gaining and losing several pounds over the course of my life. However, I am more determined than ever to live the lifestyle I believe I was meant to live. A life of clean, healthy, nutrient rich whole foods sourced from local farms and markets. Occasionally some sugar to make you smile, but good sugar!

Eating clean doesn’t mean tasteless. There are an abundant of clean eating recipes that will send your taste buds into a frenzy and detox your body.

Nature's candy

Food shouldn’t make you fat. Enjoy sweets in a guilt free way with nature’s candy. They’re sweet and loaded with fiber. It’s a snack fit for a king or queen.

Detoxing your body can help to eliminate cravings, reset your metabolism and restore your health. Making it easier to adapt a healthier lifestyle and you’ll taste food in a new way.

Our Recipe Collection

More coming soon! A delightful collection of the yummy recipes that will help you turn your health and life around for the better. Also, great recipes for entertaining & socializing. Follow us and stay tuned!

Image Sources: Pixabay