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8 Amazing Benefits of Coffee

8 Amazing Benefits of Coffee


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My Coffee Revelation

Okay, I almost threw out an entire container of coffee when I started my healthy lifestyle. That is until I learned of the great health benefits that coffee brings. I was shocked and elated. I don’t have to go cold turkey. What a relief! I’ve been a long time coffee lover and a fan. It’s been my morning buddy for years. That’s not to say that I couldn’t start my day without it, but… You know what I mean. Bottom-line is that java and I have a history.

There have been ups and downs. The ups were always great. Ice coffee on the patio of Starbucks. A quick sip of hot joe on a busy Monday. The standard. The downs were another story. Switching to half calf so I would not be crabby by 10 am. Me craving a half calf, cream, heavy whip, light sugar Frappuccino during meetings. Not good.

The one thing I could rely on was my buddy joe being there when I needed him most. That’s until I started my new lifestyle. I thought Java joe was off the menu for life. Desperate for a cup I took to the internet hoping for a reprieve. Sure enough, Google saved my love for coffee. I found tons of articles about how coffee is beneficial to our health. I made a few adjustments to my order and bam, I’m back in business.

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My Minor Coffee Changes

What did I do? Well, once I found the keys to enjoying coffee the healthy way, I did these three things. First, I made better coffee choices. I switched from regular coffee to organic. At first, it was difficult to find, but once I knew where to shop, I was good. My favorite stores are kroger and Sprouts.

Next, I replaced my regular creamer with an organic almond or coconut milk creamer. Getting that store bought creamer out of my life was awesome. I had no idea how many unrecognizable ingredients lived in my everyday cream. Have you ever read the label? It’s not pretty. I am not even sure I want to know what Dipotassium Phosphate or stearoyl lactylate is, let alone drink it. So, it was goodbye to my old creamer for good.

Then I replaced my regular white refined sugar with a more natural sweetener. I have two that I love and use daily. They are monk fruit and “Sugar in the raw.” I also sometimes replace sugar altogether with stevia. It’s a natural sweetener derived from a plant. Stevia is a no-calorie sweetener so, that’s a plus as well.

Those were just a few simple changes that took my joe from being unhealthy to healthier in minutes. My calorie intake went from 220 to 75 per cup. That’s a 145 calorie difference in one drink. Now, imagine me drinking three of those babies a day. We are looking at 435 calories per day gone. It takes 3500 calories to gain one pound. So, that means I eliminated 158,775 calories from my waistline or 45.364 pounds per year. What a differences!

8 Amazing Coffee Benefits

That’s not the best part. Coffee has many amazing health benefits that make it worth having around the house.

Here are your 8 reasons to keep those tasty little beans in the cupboard;

1. Coffee burns fat and helps with weight loss. Studies have shown that caffeine attributes to an increase in the metabolic rate. An increased metabolic rate ramps up weight loss. This is the reason many weight loss products list caffeine as the number one ingredient.


2. The ground beans can be used as a cellulite exfoliator. The caffeine in the coffee acts as a skin toner. Just mix a tablespoon of coarse ground coffee with two tablespoons of melted coconut oil and rub gently over the area. Leave on for 15 minutes or longer if desired, then rinse. Your skin will tighten causing it to look and feel smoother.

3. It’s loaded with nutrients such as Magnesium, Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, and B2. Any drink that gives you an added nutrient boost is good in my book.

4. It can help fight diseases such as Alzheimer and Type 2 Diabetes. It can even reduce your risk altogether.

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5. You probably already knew this, but it makes your day brighter. Studies have shown that people who drink more than 3 cups a day were less likely to be depressed or suicidal. I knew I was happier when I drank those little buggers.

I have to mention the social factor, as well. Coffee just brings people together. It doesn’t matter how mad you are at a co-worker. If they’ve made a fresh pot of joe, all is forgiven. At least for the day. Let’s not get crazy.

6. It helps reduce a disease called colorectal cancer. The more you consume, the better it protects. So drink up!

7. My selling point was that it helps to extend your life. There are several studies proving that coffee increases longevity in the drinker. Once I heard that, my consumption levels went way up. Only on my non-busy days. I can’t run to the girl’s room every second.

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8. Lastly, your heart will thank you. People who are bean drinkers often have a lower chance of having a heart attack. Now, that doesn’t mean you can skip eating well and just jump straight for the coffee. Never-the-less its good to know.

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