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12 Reasons Why Food Doesn’t Make You Fat

12 Reasons Why Food Doesn’t Make You Fat


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Weight Loss and Dieting


Have you ever had a difficult time with weight loss? Ever wondered why? Well, I did. I wondered why practically every day.

See over the years I’ve put on quite a few pounds and tried many diets, all without success. No matter what I did the scale reflected very little weight loss.

Needless to say, I never gave up trying, but it was frustrating. All those weight loss diets that never worked. I was completely miserable.

It was becoming clear that I had no idea what I was doing. Diets just didn’t work for me. I’d either quit due to starvation or I would succeed then quickly regain the weight.

It’s was ridiculous. I had begun to believe that food was the enemy.

As a matter of fact, the only thing that I was sure about was the weight gain. It increased with every spoonful. Some days it seemed that just looking at food made me fat. I knew I had to do something, but what?


The Day That Changed My Life


Then one day while watching a documentary and I heard a woman speaking about her weight loss troubles. She explained how she’d struggled with her weight for years and nothing helped.

That is until she learned one small thing. Then she said something that changed my life forever. She opened her mouth and spoke these simple words, “food doesn’t make you fat.”


Wait, …what? Food doesn’t make you fat?


I couldn’t believe my ears. Was I hearing her correctly? I had to literally rewind the show several times before finally accepting her words. “Food doesn’t make you fat.

All these years I had stuck to one undeniable truth, that food was fattening. And now it’s not. My mind was blown.

How is this possible?

I decided I wanted, no I needed to know more. That’s when my journey began and boy did I learn a lot.

I dug up every bit of information I could find on the subject matter. I wanted to know if it was true or just another lie. Well, it turns out she was right.

Food really doesn’t make you fat. In fact, food in its natural state not only doesn’t make you fat but can keep you slim and healthy.


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The Big Misconception


You see, we’ve been taught to accept the fact that if we are overweight it’s our own darn fault. It’s because we’re lazy and lack willpower.

Can you believe that? I, like many people, thought that if I would just exercise more, and eat less, I’d be skinny.

Unfortunately, the outcome of me restricting myself was more weight gain. Every pound plus a few extra would return once the diet was over.

I performed this yo-yo act for over twelve years before hearing her words that day.

Those words changed my life but also left me with a new question.

If the food doesn’t make you fat, what does?

That was the million dollar question I had to answer. After several documentaries and tons of scientific studies. I had the answer.

It’s what’s inside our food that making us fat and sick.

Food by itself is not the fattening. The real culprit is what we’ve put in our food. And when I say we’ve, I really mean them, the commercial food industry.

Commercially processed foods are loaded with preservatives and food additives that increase our waistlines and make us sick.

No wonder I had not seen any weight loss. I was sabotaging my own efforts through my food choices.

So, the solution was simple right? Just make better food choices. Not as simple as it seems. Additives are in just about everything.


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There’s No Escape?


I thought there was no escaping it. Additives were everywhere. The more I read the labels, the more disappointed I became.

I thought to myself, “man, I can’t eat anything!” Everything had some type of food chemical in it that caused weight gain. They were even in my breakfast cereal.

I do understand that they are needed to preserve, enhance, color, and change the texture of our food. All in an attempt to make our food more appealing, but is it necessary?

Products like white refined sugar, white bread, donuts, cookies and cakes all had their nutrients and fiber stripped away during the refining process.

Without the fiber and nutrients,

these foods become empty calories and harmful to our bodies.

In fact, processed foods are so dangerous to our bodies that studies have proven that they lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and even extreme cravings.

Just to name a few.

The kicker for me was extreme cravings. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the more you eat, the more you want to eat. I sure did!

Whenever I ate at a fast food restaurant I would find myself craving that food all week. Extreme cravings are a major factor which leads to weight gain. It’s not you. It’s the food.


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The Weight Loss Solution


The answer to our weight loss issues is in our food choices. You see, eating well and staying thin is just a matter of avoiding the wrong foods altogether. It’s just that simple for real!

That means any food that has undergone an extreme amount of processing. To the point where it is no longer looks like food.

Food products like snack cakes, candy bars, and sugary soft drinks are just to name a few. They are the actual foods we should steer clear of or avoid altogether. Why?

These so-called foods are the real reason we gain weight.

At the bottom of this post, I’ve listed all the things I did to implement the change in my life. But the one thing I needed to do first was to clear out all the junk foods from my cabinets.

I then started thinking about whole foods only. How do I incorporate what I love with what I need? It was a slow process but a necessary one in the end. Read below to see what I did.

The results were amazing. Without processed junk foods in my life, my body began to stabilize alkalize.

I started seeing some weight loss and keeping it off. My skin cleared. I no longer felt weighed down and sluggish.

My energy improved and so did my digestion. Up until that point, I had no idea how bad I really felt until I began to feel good. What an improvement! I felt great.

Now I want everyone to feel this good. So, I listed the 12 reasons why real food doesn’t make us fat and the reasons why the other food does.


Read how to make the switch at the end of this post


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12 Reasons Why Real Food Doesn’t Make Us Fat


1. No processed refined sugars. Plants contain naturally derived sugars that are accompanied by fiber and nutrients.

Fiber slows the effects of sugar on insulin levels in the blood. So, there’s no reason to shy away from fruits that are very sweet.

2. No food dyes, which are an unnecessary chemical in my opinion. Food dyes have been linked to hyperactivity in children. The main ones to avoid are Yellow 5, Yellow 6 and Red 40.

3. No flavor additives. Real food has everything it needs to be nutritious and delicious. No additives are needed to enhance favors only the time to ripen is required. Flavor enhancers cause cravings which cause overeating. Check out my post on msgs for more information.

4. Real food has fiber. Fiber assists in proper food absorption and steady elimination. In real food, the fiber is still present. No fiber was removed during processing because whole food is not processed.

That’s why our bodies have an easier time digesting real food versus processed. A lack of fiber can cause constipation, stuburn weight loss, and stomach bloat. Not good!

5. No GMOs (genetically modified organisms). If you haven’t ever heard of GMOs, I would be shocked. Everyone is talking about them and promoting non-GMO on their products.

That’s with good reason.

GMOs may cause severe kidney and liver damage. It is mostly used in commercial animal feed and packaged foods. Keep an eye out for labeling that doesn’t specify non-GMOs. That means GMOs may be present.

6. No MSGs (Monosodium glutamate). An additive that enhances the flavor of foods. Also possibly designed to addict you to food. It creates an umami effect (the fifth taste sensastion).

The more you consume the more you want. You can get a full list of all the different names for MSG by checking out my post, 2 Ingredients More Additive than Drugs.

7. Low in bad fats such as Omega 6s. Whole foods are naturally lower in Omega 6s. This is due to the way the animals are handled.

Cows raised on a rich grass-fed diet are leaner and have more omega 3s then that of its commercial counterpart. This natural diet leads to a healthier meat product.

High levels of Omega 6 can cause heart disease and diabetes as shown in multiple studies. Reducing commercial meat will help reduce Omega 6s and their negative effects.

Learn more about choosing the rights meat in my post, Eating Clean Made Simple.

8. No toxic packaging. The packaging of certain foods has been scientifically linked to weight gain and potential health problems in our bodies.

Many fast food containers and liners are loaded with chemicals that create weight gain and make us sick. Research provided by the Harvard School of Public Health showed that a chemical known as perfluoroalkyl is the culprit.

This chemical is so dangerous that it has been connected to cancer and other health issues.

9. No hormones, other than those occurring naturally. Hormones are used to increase the size and mass of animals sold as food.

Once packaged and shipped the hormones remain in the meat. We then cook and eat the meat that contains hormones. Hormones that are now making us fat. It’s a vicious cycle.

10. No antibiotics. Eating meat that contains antibiotics can lead to an antibiotic resistance in our own bodies. Possibly one reason why so many of us find that doctor prescribed antibiotics aren’t as effective.

11. No preservatives. Real food is without preservatives like sodium nitrate, sodium nitrites, propylparaben and Sodium Benzoate.

These additives are found in some hot dogs, processed meats, and beverages.

They’re used to preserve the freshness of food, but imagine what they are doing to your body.

12. No empty calories. Real food is loaded in fiber and nutrients so there is no risk of consuming empty calories that cause weight gain. Pretty cool right!


Read how to make the switch at the end of this post



The Weight Loss Truth Revealed


So, now you know the truth. Blaming us for our weight gain or lack of weight loss is all a rouse. A hoax to divert our attention away from the real cause of obesity, man-made food products.

Ask the French, they have no problems with weight loss.

They have been indulging in so-called fatty foods for years without the same obesity rates as the U.S. and other countries.



Real food such as whole fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, grass-fed meats, organic meats, wild caught fish, legumes, nut and seeds eaten in appropriate amounts keep us fit and healthy.

Like I tell my kids, “eat nature made not man-made” and you’ll be healthier. Now I telling you. To live a healthier life, lose weight and feel good. Eat real food.

Disclaimer: As with any post, please consult a doctor before making any changes to your diet. The information in this post is meant to inform only. It is not intended to be used as medical advice.


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How I Made the Switch and You Can Too


1.  Steer clear of heavily processed foods like non-organic processed meats, cheese, and packaged food.


2.  Choose natural foods in their natural state or as close to it as possible, e.i don’t eat apple pie instead cut up an apple and mix with walnuts, cinnamon, and agave.


3.  Shop the produce aisles and leave the middle commercial foods isles alone. Especially avoid products that are design for weight loss. They are usually loaded with artificial sweeteners.


4.  Avoid food with MSG and Food Dyes.


5.  Buy Organic whenever possible.


6.  Read the labels carefully, food additives have a million different names so be on the lookout.


7.  Only buy packaged foods with no more than 6 ingredients or less. Make sure you can easily understand the ingredients like milk, eggs, or salt.


8.  Stay away from products with ingredients you can not pronounce or that are unfamiliar to you.


9.  Look out for products that don’t specify non-GMOs. If it doesn’t say it, assume they’re in the product.


10.  Replace your bad processed snacks with healthier recipes


11.  Cook at home as much as possible. Eating out is fun but you can’t really tell what’s in the food. However, if you do eat out try and choose one ingredient sides like vegetables without seasonings. Then add your salt and pepper at the table.


12.  Switch your table salt for sea salt. It is much better for your body and doesn’t cause bloating.


13.  Find recipes that mimic your junk food in a healthier way such as cookies made with organic ingredients.


14.  Replace commercial chips with baked veggie chips or homemade potato chips made with sea salt.


15.  Eliminate soda, fruit juices, and energy drinks. Then replace them with fruit infused vitamin water, juiced whole fruits & veggies, smoothies and lemon water.


16.  Eat animals that were raised on a pastured farm with plenty of sunlight and a natural diet.


17.  Replace white flour cake, cookies, bread and so on, with organic whole grain options.


18.  Stay away from white refined sugar. Instead use with agave, stevia, raw cane sugar, or honey. In small amounts no more than 3 teaspoons a day.


19.  Increase your fiber-rich foods to help keep you full, longer.


20.  Eat plenty of fresh fruit throughout the day to satisfy your sweet tooth and get the added fiber & nutrients your body needs.


Making the above changes to your diet will help you to see the results in no time. You will finally see the result you’ve been missing and you’ll keep the weight off.

That’s the great thing about changing your lifestyle, instead of just dieting. It sticks with you and lasts longer.



What changes have you made to your weight loss plan? Have you had a hard time making changes to a healthy lifestyle? Comment to share your story!





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