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How to Thwart Healthy Eating Saboteurs

How to Thwart Healthy Eating Saboteurs


Trying hard to lose weight, but a certain person or people keep sabotaging your progress? I know exactly how you feel. Weight loss is darn hard and staying strong under pressure can be difficult.

Because of my saboteur, I struggled for years to lose weight with no luck.

Every time I would gain some traction, they would pull me back down the dark path. I couldn't win for losing.

I didn't realize it at the time but my person didn't want me to lose weight.

Their fear caused them to sabotage my progress over and over again. It was an endless ugly cycle that I lived with for years.

Even when I tried to reason with the person it was like talking to a wall. The conversation would begin like, "let's start to eat more healthfully" or "don't mention going out to eat with me at all".

The moment I said it, it was like I asked the very opposite.

Being weak at the time didn't help either. If they said the word fast food. I said, let's go. No willpower at all.

The sadder part is, I spent a lot of time blaming the other person for my lack of self-control. I took no responsibility for the choices I was making.

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Weight Loss Accountability


The number one thing I needed to do was to become accountable for my own actions. I had to realize that even though they were suggesting bad food, I didn't have to agree.

I knew my saboteur was never going away.

They happened to be family. I also knew there was no escaping them in the long run. This was a problem that needed to be dealt with internally.

Yes, having a saboteur in your mist is a real issue. They can delay and even thwart your weight loss goals severely.

But just like any other stresses in your life learning to manage them properly is your only solution.

Trust me, its possible. After many years and several failures, I developed the skills to cope with saboteurs and stop them in their tracks and now you can too.

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Secret Reasons For Weight Loss Saboteurs

The process of stopping a healthy eating saboteur can be a long one. They are not easily swayed from destroying your progress, but it can be done.

It's important to realize that they may have many secret reasons for why they want to keep you fat.

Knowing those reasons is the first step to keeping your sanity.

Secret 1

Might be their own self-esteem levels. When self-esteem is low, people tend to act irrationally.

Creating subconscious motives that they aren't even aware of themselves.

Secret 2

Could be that they are happy with you being fat because they are too. And, if one of you lose the weight then the other may feel bad about themselves.

This is really hard to fight because the other person may not be ready or willing to change.

That usually leads to a lot of resistance on their part. Don't spend quality time fighting these individuals. Change comes to those who wait.

Secret 3

Jealousy could be another reason. Especially, if they are the jealous type. Your weight loss could be a threat to them. Create a bit of rivalry or fear of loss.

Secret 4

Size may not be a real issue for them. For these people, weight is nothing more than a number or they prefer fluffier people.

Just know this, the reasons for their behavior is endless and uncertain, but the reasons for your success are sure. So, focus more on what you want first.

However, if focusing on you is not working and you just can't deal with the saboteur anymore, I have a few helpful tips to get you through.

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Stopping The Saboteur


First, talk to them, if possible.

Try to discover why they're behaving in such a way. What's motivating them to sabotage your progress?

I am not saying that the conversation will stop the person, but at least you'll know why they're doing it.

Knowing that can help you better deal with the issue. If they refuse to tell or don't know themselves just chalk it up to personal reasons and move on.

Second, learn the triggers that fuel your saboteur.

Does the person mention bad food when you're exercising or eating something healthy?

Are they triggered by anything that you are doing to get healthy? If the answer is yes, then you know what to expect when doing those things.

Knowing what to expect will help you mentally prepare for the sabotage. Once you are armed for the attack you are ready to fend it off.

Third, develop the fortitude to say, NO.

Even if it's a loved one or close friend. Learn how to say no to these people without fear of hurting their feelings.

Say it, then explain why you are saying no. The hope is that they will respect your feelings and back off. Be prepared also for the opposite.

They may come back even harder with begging and pleading their case. Hold firm and continue to say, no thank you.

Remember, they have their own personal reasons for screwing you up. Don't let them.

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Self-sabotage is bad

but external sabotage is even worst


Fourth, work on building up your willpower.

Having strong willpower will save you from many eating failures.

Develop the strength to turn down bad food even when it's being offered directly to you. You must hold strong conviction in fulfilling your goals.

Write them out. Say, I want to lose 20 pounds and nothing and no one will stop me.

Hold a picture of you at that weight in your mind and never let go. If you see it, you can accomplish it.

Fifth, team up.

Ask your saboteur if they would join you in your journey to lose weight. Talk to them about the benefits of weight loss.

Ask them if they have considered getting into shape with a partner. Tell them all about your new eating lifestyle and give them tips to begin.

If they latch on, great. If not, move on to plan B.

Plan B is reducing the amount of weight loss activity you perform in front of the person.

Try to exercise privately in a separate room. I use to tell my saboteur I was going to the other room to watch a movie. I was really exercising. They never knew.

Make a healthy meal and push it off as a regular one.

I told my saboteur we were out of certain packaged foods like cake, cookies, and bread in order to avoid having them with meals. I really just tossed them out.

Sometimes you just have to be a little creative.

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Self Love is Key


And last, have strong self-love.

See, when you love yourself enough nothing can sway or distract you from your goals.

Practice saying loving things to yourself and giving yourself credit when you make good choices.

You may be the only positive voice you hear during this journey. So make it good.

We spend far too much time beating ourselves up and far too little patting ourselves on the back. Give yourself the praise you desire.

Weight loss is a hard enough proposition without saboteurs.

You never really know what their reasons are in the long run. Still, try to discover them for your own peace of mind. Once you know, deal with them accordingly.

Remember to say no. It's not a bad thing. Don't allow their temptations to set you back. Build up an unbreakable wall of willpower.

Utilize your vision of being in shape and healthy to keep you strong. Don't forget to try to team up with them.

Giving them all the great reasons why it could work. Lastly, love yourself. You are your greatest cheerleader.

Give yourself assurance and motivation to carry on. You can do this!

If you are just starting out on your weight loss journey, here are a few articles to get you on the right track.


Who's your biggest diet saboteur? How have you stopped them? Share your story below in the comment section. It could truly help someone else figure it out. 


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